Eddie Moran
Eddie Moran

Initiative #1 Responsible Leadership

The current leadership in City Hall is failing the citizens of Reading. There has been so much infighting, turmoil and dysfunction in the current administration that it is harming not only the citizens of Reading, but the City itself.

The ACT 47 advisor acknowledged that Reading would not be getting out of ACT 47 as planned; they cited the lack of a key position in city government being filled. ACT 47 “empowers the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development to declare certain municipalities as financially distressed. It provides for the restructuring of debt of financially distressed municipalities, limits the ability of financially distressed municipalities to obtain government funding; authorizes municipalities of participate in Federal debt adjustment actions and bankruptcy actions under certain circumstances; and provides for consolidation or merger of contiguous municipalities to relieve financial distress”.

The turnover within the city administration and departments is antithetical to Reading’s prosperity. Institutional knowledge has been lost, and city employees are working in a culture of fear. There exists in the current administration an animosity towards the business community that really is unexplainable. It serves no one, and comes at the detriment of our growth and progress. This is unacceptable, reckless, and irresponsible leadership that must be changed.

Eddie has a history of bringing people of different mindsets together. He has done it in his leadership position on the Reading School District Board of Directors, and on all of the other boards he has served on. One of Eddie’s favorite words is “synergy” and it is really symbolic of how he leads. In an Eddie Moran administration, everyone will have a seat at the table. The City of Reading deserves leadership that is responsible, transparent, and inclusive. Eddie exemplifies all of those qualities, not just in words but in actions.

Eddie’s leadership will be welcoming to any ideas that move the city forward, and those that choose to invest in the city will be supported, not handcuffed. Truly, the Reading that he will build will be synergistic in word and action. An inclusive, forward thinking administration is not just good government and what we should expect from city hall, it is crucial to leading the city into a new, brighter, more prosperous day for everyone.