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Eddie Moran
Eddie Moran

Eddie Moran was born in a small-town of Puerto Rico, much like Reading, called Hatillo. His mother, who became a widow when he was 9 years old, struggled to make ends meet in providing for Eddie and the rest of his family. And so, with much courage and a willingness to risk it all to see her children succeed– his mother left the only island she had known and settled in Brooklyn, New York.

The Brooklyn of today is far different than what Eddie found in his youth. The Brooklyn his family arrived to in the late 1970’s was one of extreme poverty and violence. They were poor, very poor. At times, they struggled to make ends meet. But everyday, he saw the spirit of his mother. Waking up at the crack of dawn to get to a job that barely kept food on the table for the family. Her spirit to see her children succeed, despite the odds against them–has shaped his outlook on life forever.

It was in Brooklyn where Eddie met his wife, Ruthie, and had his twin boys, Daniel and Tyler. In order to achieve the American Dream of becoming homeowners, and needing more space for his growing family, he moved to Reading 11 years ago. With his son, Danny, having an autism diagnosis, Eddie quickly realized that the support for his son’s specialized education within the Reading School District was inadequate. He knew that there were likely 1000’s of other children in the district that also needed a champion, and with that in mind, he decided to run for Director of the Reading School Board. He won, and while on the board, has been a champion for all of the students in Reading, whether it means advocating for their educational and curricular needs, or celebrating their many successes. Eddie understands, deeper than most, that in order for Reading to truly progress, we need to see collaboration and cooperation from both sides of Washington Street.

Eddie is running for Mayor because, just like he was and is a fierce advocate for students, he wants to be that same type of champion for all of the citizens of Reading. He knows that with a change in priorities, a change in how we do business, we can our city better for everyone. A brighter day for our city is within our grasp, we all must now choose to reach for it. Our city is one that is worthy of fighting for, but it will take all of us, working together, being the change we seek.